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SHE 25115 Mechanical Seal Assembly Kit

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Part Number: SHE25115
Mechanical Seal Assembly Kit

New P1730C, P1727C, P1722C, and P1716C Pumps

The new P1730C, P1727C, P1722C, and P1716C pumps replace the P1730, P1730F, P1730X, P1730A, P1727, P1727FB, P1727X, P1727A,P1722, P1722B, P1722X, P1722A, P1716, P1716B, P1716X, and P1716A pumps respectively. The pumps are equipped with a pressed-on silicon carbide seal seat and a new shaft and bearing assembly. Previous pump designs can be upgraded to this new design by utilizing the 25120-SHW shaft bearing assembly and the 25115-SHW seal kit. This seal kit includes a seal pusher that sets the proper height of the seal seat on the shaft.

For further information about this option and how to identify whether or not you have the seal upgrade, please click on the P1730CP1727C,P1722C, or P1716C pump links and download the technical guide.

Warning: The new 25120 shaft and bearing assembly can only be used with the 25115 mechanical seal kit which utilizes a pressed on seal seat. This seal is an upgrade over the standard mechanical seal. Attempting to use the 15955 or 23799 mechanical seal with the 25120 shaft bearing assembly or in a standard P1700 pump will damage the seal and cause a shaft leak. The 25115 mechanical seal kit CANNOT be used on the standard P1700 shaft due to the design. The 25115 mechanical seal kit can only be used in either a P1716C, P1722C, P1727C, P1730C, or P17XX-04 pump or with a P1700 series pump that has been upgraded with the 25120 shaft and bearing assembly. Attempting to use the 25115 mechanical seal on an older shaft design will damage the shaft and mechanical seal which will cause a seal leak.


Note: The 25120 shaft and bearing assemblies can be identified by the indentation machined into the shaft on the impeller end, the slightly undercut shaft in the key area which allows the seal seat to slide down the shaft to within 3/8” of the mechanical seal, or the lack of a snap ring groove between the impeller and the bearing closest to the impeller. These features are all absent on older shaft bearing versions of the shaft.

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