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Making the Right Selection

Marine Muffler Fiberglass Systems . . . The Sound Solution

Matching the correct silencer to any given application requires the consideration of many factors. Available space, type of accessibility, location, and the engine manufacturer’s recommended maximum back pressure - are but a few of the numerous variables. Therefore, it is vitally important that all factors be considered prior to making a final selection. A special manufacturing feature of all Marine Muffler Corporation exhaust components is that they are engineered to compensate for back pressure requirements. The range of styles and configurations make product selection easy. For convenience, the Table 1 (below) can begin to answer your selection questions.

Note: For "V" type cylinder block applications, where two exhaust systems per engines are used (dual exhaust), divide total H.P. two (2), then select appropriate silencer size. For "V" applications where exhaust is routed to one silencer (single exhaust), use total H.P. to make selection.

For intermediate horsepower applications, use the next larger size silencer.

All Marine Muffler exhaust system components are factory certified for use in marine wet exhaust applications. 

Marine Muffler Corp - Table 1

Inlet/Outlet OD

H.P. Capacity Gas

H.P. Capacity Diesel

1 1/2" 35 N/A
2" 50 N/A
2 1/2" 100 25
3" 150 50
3 1/2" 200 75
4" 250 100
5" 350 200
6" 400 300
7" N/A 500
10" N/A 700
12" N/A


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