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Vernatone Muffler

The Vernatone™ exhaust muffler is the original FRP water-cooled marine muffler. This style has been used by boat builders and boaters world wide for over 40 years. The Vernatone™ family of inline mufflers includes eight basic products with hundreds of variations in length, width, height, inlets and outlets. Builders and boaters  requested these variations for specific engine or location requirements in a particular vessel. These mufflers also vary in size which influences the acoustical performance.
Marlin Marine Muffler
Centek Marlin Series Streamline Mufflers
MiniMax Muffler. Sound rating: Fair
Verna Ski Boat Muffler
Ski Boat Mufflers. Sound rating: Good
Vernatone Oval Vertical Mount Muffler
Vernatone Oval Vertical Mount Muffler
Vernatone Round Muffler
Vernatone Round Muffler. Sound Rating: Good
Vernatone MKII Round Muffler
Vernatone MKII Round Muffler. Sound rating: Better
Vernatone Round Muffler MKII Dual Stage
Vernatone MKII Dual Stage Round Muffler - Sound rating: Best
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